active learning

The Field Method

See Harvard field learning resources at Harvard Business School

Real problems: Teaching theory through practice

Jelani Nelson: Profile PhotoJelani Nelson, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, assigns students real programming problems in his introductory algorithm courses, CS124 Data Structures and Algorithms and CS125 Algorithms & Complexity. Students write and test their coded solutions to practice problems via an open server on the course website and receive immediate feedback on their work.

Active learning tip sheet (Bok Center)

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning provides resources on active learning - activities requiring students to recall, think about, apply, and verbalize concepts - as well as a tip sheet of approaches.


Searchable database categorizing existing active learning efforts at Harvard and other higher education institutions.

The hiccups, humility, and benefits of deciding to flip a course

Margo SeltzerMargo Seltzer, Herchel Smith Professor of Computer Science, flipped part of her course, CS161, "Operating Systems."

What is a flipped classroom? Reversing the typical lecture and homework components of a course – students engage with video lectures/online materials in advance to free up class time for more experiential or hands-on activities.