Community discussion forums (Canvas)

    Instructors have multiple opportunities via the Canvas learning management system to provide week-by-week course updates to students, including community discussion forums.

    Leading Discussions

    Leading discussions requires a teacher not only to have an idea of what should be covered and where the discussion should go, but also to have the skills to track and improvise on what occurs in real time in the classroom...

    The Derek Bok Center provides...

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    Online class discussions (Canvas)

    Canvas, the new learning management system at Harvard, provides an integrated system for class discussions, allowing both instructors and students to start and contribute to discussion topics.

    Participation (Christensen Center)

    HBS’s Christensen Center for Teaching & Learning highlights brief instructor video tips on managing student participation and creating a learning environment that is fair, safe, and challenging.

    Debate (ablConnect)

    The ablConnect database highlights Harvard examples of active learning strategies including debate, pair and share, and peer instruction.