Faculty Academy

Video & Visual Teaching; Online Comprehension & Assessment; and Blended Learning

  • Offered on Friday, January 30th, 2015
  • Sponsored by the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning
  • Supported by HarvardX and the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

The Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning is sponsoring a program called the Faculty Academy to enable full-time Harvard faculty to get hands-on assistance with some of the techniques and concepts used in online learning experiences (such as those created through HarvardX) and in blended or flipped classrooms. 

Topics covered (see below) include: Video & visual teaching; online comprehension & assessment; and blended learning. 

Registration Information

Faculty Academy sessions (see below) will be offered once during January 2015. Faculty are invited to sign up for a half day slot focused on one of three topics. There are six (6) total slots available, two per topic. Slots are available for individual faculty signup on a first-come, first-served basis, and we will maintain a wait list of two faculty per slot. Slots that have not been reserved by faculty one week prior to the date of the Academy will be made available to senior graduate students who are teaching in the following academic term. 

The table below will be updated with the current availability of slots for January 30, 2015.

Session type Morning Afternoon
Creating Video Shorts CLOSED CLOSED
Creating online comprehension checks & assessments


Blended learning in the classroom CLOSED CLOSED



Video & Visual Teaching

In the video session, a team of experts from HarvardX and the Bok Center will work with faculty to create a 3-5 minute video that teaches a core instructional concept. Over the three hours the major steps of video conceptualization and production will be covered: story-boarding; vocal performance and delivery (with assistance from a voice and acting coach); filming; post-production; and reflection. Faculty should come to the session with a concept in mind and will leave with a completed video suitable for classroom and/or online use.

Online Comprehension & Assessment

The aim of this session is to understand how a standard problem or problem set could be implemented and used in various innovative learning formats, including online only, blended classroom, or as supplemental material. Working with a team of instructional and technical experts, topics will include setting and evaluating learning objectives, measurement and measurable assessments, and a hands-on overview of available tools and technologies. Faculty will leave with a fully built assessment for use in online and blended settings.

Blended Learning

In the blended learning session, a team of experts from HarvardX and the Bok Center will work with faculty to develop a curriculum for one or two class meetings using blending learning techniques. The three hour workshop will be framed by a conversation defining the parameters of blended learning, then examine lessons learned from use of blended techniques at Harvard and elsewhere, including pitfalls to avoid and planning strategies. The bulk of the workshop will focus on applying these principles to the needs of the faculty, which may include experimentation with new technology tools or visits to classroom spaces designed for blended learning. Faculty should come to the session having identified one or two class meetings on which to focus, and leave with a plan in hand for implementing blended techniques in those meetings.

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