How Can I...

How can I learn more about developing a course, module, or other interactive learning experience through HarvardX?

    How can I apply for funding related to advances in learning?
    The HILT Grants program provides faculty, students and staff with support to cultivate pedagogical innovations across Harvard’s schools. HILT currently offers grantmaking in the form of the annual Spark Grant offering to faculty and staff, and Pilot Funds for students.

    How can I conduct research on the science of learning?
    Proposals for HarvardX courses all include a research component and/or indicate willingness to collaborate with researchers. The research mission is coordinated and supported by the HarvardX Research Committee, a body comprised of members from across the University in the humanities, professions, arts, and sciences.

    Research and inquiry are broadly conceived but must contribute to generalizable knowledge and be disseminated beyond this University by faculty members/instructors  or by the leaders of the projects that a course may support.

    A commitment to fulfilling HarvardX's research aims may take many forms. Participants with clear research goals and resources should keep the research committee apprised of intentions and, ultimately, findings.

    • For those with nascent research goals, contact the research committee early in the process.
    • For those with no particular research goals, a course should be considered as a site for a research collaboration. Such collaborations may be set up independently or in consultation with the research committee, who will provide a menu of potential options.  Many of these menu options require little to no additional work from the teaching team (see below for examples).

    Members of the research committee are happy to discuss the HarvardX research mission, sharing research resources and work done to date. Contact one of the co-chairs, Andrew Ho or Dan Levy for additional details.

    The research committee welcomes a broad range of research proposals. For teams with no research agenda of their own, we ask that faculty negotiate a collaboration on their own or work with the research committee to select from a menu of possible research options led by collaborators.

    Where can I find Harvard-based research publications and data?

    What are some opportunities for sharing/learning about best practices?
    HILT Annual Conference and other programming.

    Learn more about the various teaching and learning networks supported by HILT.