Into Practice Research

Below is a list of research articles referenced in Into Practice, a biweekly communication distributed to active instructors during the academic year which highlights the pedagogical practices of individual faculty members from across schools and delivers timely, evidence-based teaching advice.

Social Pedagogies

This article on “social pedagogies” shows how engaging students with “authentic audiences” is crucial for understanding key (and often difficult) concepts in a course. 

Social Learning and Social Entrepreneurship Education

This program study using social theories of learning to develop best practices for entrepreneurship education found that respecting learners’ identities and making them feel safe in the community of practices is critical to program success.

Teaching for Understanding

Bottino and his team’s practices also mirror what Harvard’s Project Zero termed a teaching for understanding framework, which locates topics that students are passionate about and creates goals, experiences, and assessments around them.

Social Physics: How Social Networks Can Make Us Smarter

Bottino bases some of his pedagogical approach in Pentland’s Social Physics, which discusses how people learn more from being exposed to a greater variety in actions, not simply a greater variety in how people claim they will act.