Into Practice Resources

Assessing and Reflecting (SLATE)

The Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence (SLATE) Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School provides guidelines and strategies for gathering feedback from students.

DIY Flipping Kit (SLATE)

Utilize a “do-it-yourself” guide for faculty on flipped classroom pedagogy, developed by members of the SLATE (Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence) team at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


Browse the DART catalog, which currently includes over 100 HarvardX courses and 20 Harvard YouTube channels. DART is currently in pilot phase and seeks active users for the spring (email  Read more about DART

The Architectural Imagination (HarvardX)

In K. Michael Hays’s HarvardX course, The Architectural Imagination, learners explore fundamental architectural concepts through various “making-as-learning” activities, like building a cardboard model of Aldo Rossi’s Cuneo Memorial and designing a pied-à-terre in the style of Le Corbusier.

Honor Code (Harvard College)

Harvard College’s Honor Code offers advice and resources for faculty designing creative and digital assignments.

Learning Lab (Bok Center)

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching & Learning’s Learning Lab routinely partners with faculty to develop assignments that foster students’ science communication and presentation skills.

Center for Writing and Communicating Ideas

Instructors can point students to resources for improving presentation skills available across the University including the Graduate School of Arts and Science’s Center for Writing and Communicating Ideas.resources.