Into Practice Resources

HGSE TLL News: October 2016

An issue of the HGSE Teaching and Learning Lab newsletter provides strategies to meet the challenge of teaching about race and racism.

Center for Geographical Analysis: GIS training

The Center for Geographic Analysis offers technical workshops in geographic information systems and curriculum support services for instructors seeking to integrate spatial concepts into their courses.

What is the Rich Content Editor? (Canvas)

Canvas’ rich content editor, available in several course site features, enables multimedia uploading, HTML editing, and embedding rich media such as links, files, videos, and images.

The Benefit of Interactive Learning

A 2014 Harvard Graduate School of Education Master Class featured physics professor Eric Mazur on peer instruction, an interactive method for teaching large lectures.

Case-based teaching and learning

T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Case-Based Teaching and Learning Center provides approaches and resources for teaching with the case method.