Into Practice Resources

The Field Method

See Harvard field learning resources at Harvard Business School

Blended MPH in epidemiology

The Harvard Chan School of Public Health’s blended MPH in epidemiology includes a self-designed field learning experience where students address community issues such as patient care, occupational health, and public policy.

Harvard Immigration Project

The Harvard Law School provides students client project opportunities such as the Harvard Immigration Project

FIELD Global Immersion

The Harvard Business School FIELD Global Immersion course requires first year MBA students to develop or improve a product, service, or experience for a global client.

Active learning tip sheet (Bok Center)

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning provides resources on active learning - activities requiring students to recall, think about, apply, and verbalize concepts - as well as a tip sheet of approaches.

What is the Scheduler? (Canvas)

Canvas has a Scheduler feature that allows faculty to create office hours and appointment groups within their course site.

Harvard Guide to Using Sources

The Harvard College Writing Program offers guidance to students on understanding assignments and the proper use of sources.

Designing Essay Assignments

The Harvard College Writing Program offers advice to instructors on designing essay assignments for student success.