Engineering students

“The rising tide of having great educational material more broadly available than it’s ever been in history will have far-reaching consequences for the readiness of the global workforce.” 
- Robert Lue, professor of the practice of molecular and cellular biology, faculty director of HarvardX, Richard L. Menschel Faculty Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, director of life sciences education, and faculty director of the Harvard Allston Education Portal

Harvard is shaping the future of education—through exploration, innovation, and experimentation—and creating a new community of learners around the globe.

Harvard University is a pioneer in educational technology and the digital learning environment.

With the creation of the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) in October 2011 and the launch of edX and HarvardX in May 2012, Harvard has made a commitment to, in the words of President Drew Faust, “lead a revolution in pedagogy.” 

Moreover, this is an era when “new understandings of human behavior and the brain, along with advances in technology, have opened the door to remarkable new possibilities for teaching and learning, both face-to-face and online.”

The question is…. How will we do this?

Harvard University has led the residential learning experience for centuries. In the digital era, Harvard aims to improve not only residential learning on campus but also our collective community, national, and global learning environment by employing innovative technologies in the residential and digital classrooms.

Harvard’s leadership in the digital space is expanding educational opportunities for serious learners around the world.

The learning, research, and opportunity for experimentation and change in the digital space marks the first true transformation of higher education in the last five hundred years. Harvard aims to help drive the educational technology conversation by promoting innovations in teaching and learning on campus and beyond. How do we teach? How can we teach more effectively? What does it mean to teach more effectively? How can we use digital tools to make high quality learning accessible to as many people as possible around the U.S. and the world? 

Harvard is driving this conversation by:

  • Supporting faculty
  • Responding to students’ changing attitudes about learning
  • Advancing the science of teaching and learning through data-driven research
  • Engaging the world by expanding access to learning worldwide