Commenting Efficiently

The Harvard Writing Project provides strategies for responding to and commenting on student writing. 

Nuanced assessments: More than the final grade

Howell JacksonHowell Jackson, James S. Reid Jr. Professor of Law, experiments with end-of-semester exams and writing assignments to create opportunities for meaningful, formative feedback through skills practice, reflection, and peer collaboration.

Real problems: Teaching theory through practice

Jelani Nelson: Profile PhotoJelani Nelson, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, assigns students real programming problems in his introductory algorithm courses, CS124 Data Structures and Algorithms and CS125 Algorithms & Complexity. Students write and test their coded solutions to practice problems via an open server on the course website and receive immediate feedback on their work.

Peer review (Canvas)

Canvas, Harvard’s learning management system, enables virtual spaces for team-based assignments.

Feedback vs. evaluation: Getting past the reluctance to deliver negative feedback

Keith BakerWhen Dr. Keith Baker, Associate Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Anesthesia Residency Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, gives medical residents feedback, he emphasizes a “learning orientation” (where the goal is mastery), rather than a “performance orientation” (where the goal is validation of abilities).