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Blended MPH in epidemiology

The Harvard Chan School of Public Health’s blended MPH in epidemiology includes a self-designed field learning experience where students address community issues such as patient care, occupational health, and public policy.

Blended Learning: Using interactive online modules before class to enhance learning in class

Dan Levy

Dan Levy, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Faculty Chair of the Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence (SLATE) Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School, developed a series of online modules for Advanced Quantitative Methods I, work made possible by teaching fellow Teddy Svoronos and SLATE staff member Mae Klinger. The modules contain interactive videos, diagrams, and practice problems; an end-of-module quiz; and an anonymous feedback survey.

Harvard Online Learning portal

Search the Harvard Online Learning portal, an aggregator of online learning opportunities from professors, centers, schools, libraries, and initiatives across campus.  

Statistics Online Modules

This site is designed to show some of the ways in which we have used Canvas and other tools to enable blended learning in a course at the Harvard Kennedy School: Professor Dan Levy's API-209 Advanced Quantitative Methods I course.

Research: Applying Cognitive Science to Online Learning

One paper articulates how questions and prompts for students to generate explanations—administered before, during, and after online learning—can improve cognitive processing by providing students with direction while allowing them to take charge of their learning.