University Initiatives


HarvardX integrates the development of instructional approaches and digital tools across Harvard’s campus by providing faculty with pedagogical and research support. HarvardX is one critical endeavor among many, designed to empower faculty to improve teaching and learning on-campus, online, and beyond.

A faculty-driven and university-wide effort, HarvardX aims to be collaborative and representational of Harvard’s academic diversity, showcasing the highest quality offerings of the University to serious learners everywhere.

Launched in parallel with edX, the Harvard and MIT founded not-for-profit, online learning platform, HarvardX is fully independent.

Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT)

HILT’s mission is to catalyze innovation and excellence in learning and teaching at Harvard.

HILT aims to be mutually reinforcing to and non-duplicative of related goals and efforts across the Schools, and to forge collaborations and provide support for these activities. The challenges we face require the combined efforts of individual students, faculty, and staff, and the thoughtful coordination of Programs, Centers, Departments, and Schools with each other and the University as a whole.

ABL Connect

ABLConnect is an initiative of the Program on Experienced Based Learning in the Social Sciences (PEBLSS). PEBLSS was launched in early 2012 by Dustin Tingley, Associate Professor of Government at Harvard University. Now ABLConnect has teamed up with the Bok Center at Harvard and multiple other institutions and has received financial and intellectual support from the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT).

ABLConnect is an easily searchable database that categorizes existing active learning efforts at Harvard and other higher education institutions. The database includes active learning activities that have been carried out in departments across the university by both faculty and teaching fellows. Since ABLConnect allows the collection of information on instances of active learning, in the long term it will expand to function as a dataset that will allow panel analysis of student skill acquisition and success.