The Campaign For Harvard: Learning and Teaching

As part of the Harvard Campaign, the University has identified Advancing New Approaches to Learning and Teaching as a priority.

The goal is to seek support that will enable faculty to build on the transformative potential of a digital age, as well as emerging insights into human behavior and the human brain. In Cambridge and Boston and in Harvard's connections with the wider world, the University seeks to set a standard for innovation in pedagogy and commit to its advance.

Ways to Support

To achieve our aspirations, Harvard will build on strengths across the University. There have never been more great ideas, great thinkers, or great opportunities worthy of your support. Below are just a few examples.

Classroom Spaces

Underwrite the creation of twenty-first century classrooms with advanced pedagogical tools, digital technologies, and flexible teaching environments.


Fund the development of a suite of online courses through HarvardX. The HarvardX Online Giving Fund has been launched.

Innovative Teaching

Create a seed-grant program that supports development of novel approaches to classroom teaching across the University.


Support preservation and digitization of the Harvard Library’s extensive collection of rare and intellectually important books and manuscripts.