What We Do

The mission of the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning (VPAL) is to create and catalyze deeply engaging and scalable learning experiences that make a difference at Harvard and beyond.

Innovation in the Harvard Classroom

VPAL works with faculty and staff across the University to advance and reimagine residential learning. We use technology to rethink learning approaches, create and convene a community of practice around teaching, and develop technologies to complement the classroom experience.

Learning and Impact beyond Campus

VPAL partners to amplify Harvard’s impact worldwide. We collaborate with faculty on online courses for multiple platforms, seed educational innovation through grant-making, and are convening two task forces to explore Harvard’s role in addressing broader educational challenges.

Coordination and Oversight across Harvard

VPAL coordinates learning policy and practice, helps formulate program guidelines, and oversees approval for new degree programs across the University.

anand bharat

We believe the fundamental trade-off and the greatest opportunity in education today is to create engaging learning experiences that scale. At VPAL, we are working with the faculty, staff, and schools of Harvard to reimagine education, both on our campus and throughout the world.”

- Bharat Anand, Vice Provost for Advances in Learning