experiential learning

Research: Authentic Learning (Simulations, Lab, Field)

An ablConnect literature summary outlines that field learning—an extreme form of authentic learning (versus lab and simulation)—increases student motivation and the ability to think like a member of the discipline. 

‘Real-world’ projects: Balancing student learning and community need

Ann Forsyth headshotAnn Forsyth, Professor of Urban Planning, incorporates projects with clients into many of her Graduate School of Design courses, from semester-long endeavors to optional assignments. Students gain experience designing sustainable and healthy cities by working with and producing reports for government, educational, and non-profit organizations.

Harvard Immigration Project

The Harvard Law School provides students client project opportunities such as the Harvard Immigration Project

FIELD Global Immersion

The Harvard Business School FIELD Global Immersion course requires first year MBA students to develop or improve a product, service, or experience for a global client.


TELLab, funded by a Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) grant, is a platform for online experiments that students can participate in and modify for their own use. Faculty interested in developing an experiment module for their course can contact the team. ...

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Research assignments: Teaching the production of knowledge

EnosRyan Enos, Associate Professor of Government, assigns an original research project—students define a question, design a study, collect data, and present their results—in his undergraduate and graduate political science courses. “It’s an opportunity to gain first hand experience conducting behavioral experiments, and to navigate all the necessary steps, questions, and challenges.”