classrooms and space


The Flexible Learning Environments eXchange – FLEXspace – is a robust, open access repository populated with examples of learning spaces.

The Physical Classroom Reconsidered

HarvardX course GSE2x Leaders of Learning explores the notion via architectural case study that the physical classroom may play as important a role as the content. 

3D Campus Map

In preparation for Learning Spaces Week, the HILT Teaching and Learning Consortium and their collaborators across schools and units helped identify exemplar learning spaces at Harvard via an interactive map tool. With the help of the Office of Planning and Project Management and the Center...

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Getting the most out of classroom space

Melissa FranklinMelissa Franklin, Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics, rethought her teaching by rethinking her classroom. She created a flexible classroom, “the SciBox,” to encourage active learning, greater engagement, and student ownership.

The benefits: The entire 2,500 sq ft flexible space is on wheels – from the flat screen TVs to the lab benches to the couches – and can morph quickly to suit a given activity (small group discussions, hands-on labs), creating novel approaches to meet course learning objectives.... Read more about Getting the most out of classroom space

Learning Spaces Week at Harvard

Learning Spaces Week at Harvard convened June 8 – 11, 2015 with over 200 Harvard affiliates participating in an event similar to an academic scavenger hunt. Organized by the HILT Teaching and Learning Consortium.